6000LB Scissir Car Lift

6000LB Scissir Car Lift


Weight Lifting Capacity 6000 pounds (2722 kg)
Lift Height 180-990mm
Rated Pressure <20 Mpa
Pump Hydraulic Oil Capacity Hydraulic/ Electro w/ Steel Dolly
Hydraulic Pressure 2 Gallon
Working Condition Oil wearable of hydraulic pressure oil [Viscosity 32-46cst(mm2/s)At 40°]
Working Condition Humidity 5-40ºC
Working Height above sea level Max. 1000M
Transpot Environment 30%-80%RH
Store of Temperature -25-55ºC


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HP-6000 (36") table mechanical elevating suitable for various kinds of  medium and small-scale automobiles maintaining, service and debugs etc. lifting and rising to work with installation. This lift has low positions of balcony, lifting and lowering with steadily, easy to operate; structure reasonable lock organization, remarkable characteristic such as being safe and reliable safely to have.
Meet Europe CE standard

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